Blessed Miracles Foundation, Inc. 

  Laugh, Love, and Live Life....

About Us

Shaquansia Love, Founder/CEO

She founded Blessed Miracles Foundation, Inc., in April 2014. Love is a Sickle Cell Survivor. She was diagnosed at the age of 4 years old. Through several near-death experiences and struggles, she strives to lead a normal life and accomplish many things with the help of God and support of her family and friends. She hopes to help Sickle Cell Survivors to do the same through the Blessed Miracles Foundation, Inc.

Twanna House, Executive Director

House oversees the management and operations of Blessed Miracles Foundation, Inc. A mental illness survivor of Depression after a 30-plus year battle, House is a passionate advocate for those with "invisible" illnesses and hopes to empower people that long-term recovery is possible. 

If you would like to have Shaquansia Love for any speaking engagements, please contact Twanna House, Executive Director at (850) 529-3307 or email to: [email protected].
Vision:  Blessed Miracles Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, faith-based ministry organization dedicated to advocacy, support, and empowerment of people dealing with chronic illnesses such as Sickle Cell Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc. It is our goal to help individuals find wholeness that equals laughter, love, and living long lives. ,


Blessed Miracles Foundation’s mission is to bringing a healthy awareness about chronic illnesses and to educate individuals and organizations to be more open to dealing with them without the stigma or negative perception that is commonly associated with it. It is also committed to eradicating the following myths: that prayer is enough; someone lacks faith in God when they decide to go seek treatment; and that individuals who struggle with chronic illness are not drug addicted.  Our faith-based/non-profit organization will accomplish its mission through the following initiatives:


  1. Prayer/Support Groups via Social Media & local ministries
  2. Individual Consultation and Follow-up



  1. To be active voice of our peers and supporters for legislative action and funding for research and improved access to treatment for Chronic Illnesses, such as Sickle Cell Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc .
  2. To resolve the disparity of African-Americans not receiving the adequate education, awareness, and treatment needed to help them live healthy in spite of Chronic Illnesses.
  3. To connect with other health organizations such as Sickle Disease Association of America, Rest Ministries, and others to advance efforts to increase awareness and support of initiatives, local, state, and national.


Awareness & Education

  1. To help smaller ministries and organizations, within the black community local, regional, and national, who are unable to have the resources to effectively address Chronic Illnesses with members of their congregation and surrounding communities.
  2. Provide seminars/workshops to effectively train leaders of signs of Chronic Illnesses and resources available to refer individuals to seek counseling and/or treatment. Don’t just focus on prayer and the word, also recommend treatment when needed.



  1. To develop an alliance with local and state organizations and resources to refer individuals who need assistance, especially indigent population.